Why the Metal Roofing Alliance is So Important

The Metal Roofing Alliance has always had one mission in mind, and that’s to educate homeowners about metal roofing and to promote metal roofing. On a new episode of MetalCast, industry expert Renee Ramey, told host, Heidi J. Ellsworth, “It's quality roofing. We want to stress that, not just slapping on any metal roof, but a quality metal roof is what we're about.”

Being a part of the MRA as a contractor has many benefits. Renee told Heidi, “[Homeowners] want to talk to their local installer. They don't necessarily always want to talk to me or to a metal roofing manufacturer. And so the importance of having MRA member installer contractors as part of our organization is that I can then refer those homeowners to them.”

She continued, “From a contractor perspective, our program consists of providing them with marketing information and tools. We have a co-op marketing program so they can utilize us and our services and our materials to take out to their local market and educate homeowners that way.”

Metal roofs are appealing to more than just contractors, they’re appealing to homeowners as well. More and more homeowners are becoming concerned with sustainability and the environmental impact that their homes have, and it just so happens that metal roofs are very environmentally friendly. In 2023, the MRA is committed to making sustainability a huge focal point. “[Sustainability] is a hot topic, and that excites me because I think we should be focusing on it,” says Renee, “As homeowners, we should care about the products we're buying, where they came from and where they go at the end of their life. And metal has a great story to tell with being sustainable.”

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