This Firefighter Loves Her New Metal Roof

August 29, 2017

North Dakota firefighter Katie Peavy loves her new metal roof.  She shares her story (and pictures of her new roof) below:

north dakota home

Energy Savings

“I put a metal roof on my house last fall. I will never go with anything else in any other house I build or remodel. Last summer I had to run window air conditioners most days to keep my house cool. This summer, even though the summer was hotter than last summer, I never even installed them. My house actually stays a comfortable temperature and feels much better insulated.”

Quiet, Durable, Beautiful

“I was kind of disappointed that it is actually very quiet during rain storms even though we removed all the layers of asphalt before installing the underlayment and metal.

We get severe storms here and lightning has struck extremely close by, but never my house. And as a firefighter, I wish every home had a metal roof to lessen the changes of conflagration should another structure in the area happen to catch fire.

And it looks amazing!! I went with a copper color on my house and it is so pretty I can’t stop staring at it!”

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