Snow in 49 of 50 States – Why a Metal Roof Makes Sense

January 31, 2017

This week in the US, 49 of 50 states had snow on the ground.  Winter weather, including freeze and thaw periods as well as snow, can be really tough on your roof.  Unless you choose a high quality metal roof.   That’s because metal roofs are built to last – and they’re designed to shed snow and ice.  You can also add snow guards or heating cables to help to break up large snow and ice chunks to avoid the “avalanche” effect.

Even in areas that don’t typically see snow (yep, Florida, we’re talking to you), a metal roof is a wise choice.    Metal roofs keep houses warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which helps to save on energy costs.  And they stand up to the extreme weather that does impact Florida – high winds and coastal storms.

Learn more about the benefits of quality metal roofing on our website.  You can even test drive a metal roof to see how it would look on your house.

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