Metal Roofs Perform Well in Extreme Weather

September 26, 2017

Metal roofs are extremely durable, and are known for their ability to withstand hail, high winds and heavy snow.  Of course, the recent hurricanes were a major test for metal roofs.  The nonprofit Metal Roofing Alliance is beginning to hear from several homeowners praising their metal roofs for protecting their home during the storms.  Check back — we’ll be featuring those stories here in the coming weeks.

The Wall Street Journal also published a story about how homes fared following Hurricane Irma.  Full story here.

Photo credit: AP via Wall Street Journal

Here are some highlights from the Wall Street Journal story:

“When Hurricane Wilma pummeled Florida in 2005, it nearly ripped the roof from Stephany and Michael Carr’s house in Naples, which was built before a 2002 building code took effect statewide.  After the storm, the couple retrofitted their house to comply with the new code. They added a standing seam metal roof with continuous panels connected by strong fasteners. And they invested in hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors.”

“The upgraded home withstood Hurricane Irma without issue.  “It looks like a bomb destroyed our trees and yard,” said Ms. Carr, a 58-year-old lawyer. “Tree branches bounced off of our roof. But the house is fine.”

Many are crediting Florida’s stricter building codes with save homes during the storms. Metal roofing meets or exceeds these codes.

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