Industry Year In Review

December 18, 2017

The Metal Roofing Alliance had a fantastic 2017 and is already looking forward for an even more successful 2018. Here is a look back at some of our biggest stories of the past year.

Popularity of Metal Roofs

As consumer demand for sustainable building products continues to grow, the Metal Roofing Alliance  reported another market share gain for metal in the residential retrofit market – up to 14%. This was just one of the many stories this year about the growing popularity of metal roofs.

May 8 – A Guide To Metal Roofing Trends

June 2 – Metal Roofs Growing In Popularity

September 6 – Residential Metal Market Share Jumps to 14% in North America



Solar Panels

The metal roofing industry has had the ability to incorporate solar panel products for years, but the hype of installing solar panels was particularly big in 2017. Here are some of the best stories involving these energy-saving panels.

April 22 – Solar Panels Are An Easy Addition To A Metal Roof, Boosting the Built-in Energy Efficiency

July 19 – The Hype Behind Solar Panels: What Homeowners Need To Know

September 5 – A Stunning Pennsylvania Home With Rustic Charm (From Philadelphia Style Magazine)


Metal Roofs vs. Mother Nature

The past year saw nasty weather all across the country, but metal roofs were there to protect homeowners from it all. From winter storms, to hurricanes, to a large dent but no water damage, here were some of the biggest weather-related metal roof stories.

January 6 – Snow in 49/50 States: Why A Metal Roof Makes Sense

March 8 – Metal Roofs Stand Up To Hailstorms

April 27 – Large Branch Leaves Dent But NO WATER DAMAGE

September 26 – Metal Roofs Perform Well In Extreme Weather

November 13 – Next Roof on Florida Keys Homes Could Be Metal By Mandate


Metal Roofs Featured In The Media

“A metal roof is my favorite kind of roof. Why? It’s efficient and it’s built to last.”

These are the words of Mike Holmes of National Post and HGTV, and needless to say, we couldn’t agree more. Here are some of the biggest stories and when metal roofs were featured in the media during 2017.

March 6 – Cleveland Plain Dealer interviews MRA board member Todd Miller on benefits of metal roofing

March 31 – Texas Home Featured on HGTV with Energy-Efficient And Bold White Metal Roof (from HGTV)

May 22 – Construction Pro Mike Holmes says Spring is a Good Time for a Roof Check-up (from National Post)

September 26 – Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines announce final season

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