Durable Metal Roofs Grow in Popularity for Homes

February 24, 2017

The International Roofing Expo will be held March 1-3, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada and will feature all the latest trends and new products for the roofing market.  The fastest growing innovation in the home remodeling market is the introduction of consumer-friendly metal roofing products.  Once relegated to commercial projects, a new generation of eco-friendly, durable metal roofing products have grown in popularity with homeowners.  

According to the Metal Roofing Alliance (www.MetalRoofing.com), the residential metal roofing market has more than tripled in recent years, growing from 3% market share in 1998 to over 11% in 2016 with more growth expected.

Why the interest in metal roofing for homes?  According to a recent independent study conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics, the top reasons homeowners choose a metal roof include: longevity (26%), strength/protection (22%), attractiveness (15%) and good investment/adds value (15%).   

Unlike most other home improvement purchases, a quality metal roof will last decades, providing homeowners with investment grade performance.  In addition, many residential metal roofs now utilize reflective pigment technology, which results in overall home energy efficiency, and lower utility bills.

“The roof is the biggest design element on a home, and metal roofs offer a huge palette of color choices and styles, allowing consumers to choose a truly unique look for their home,” explains MRA Executive Director Renee Ramey. “Even in areas where roofing styles are mandated, homeowners can choose a long-lasting metal roof that has the same visual appearance as less eco-friendly choices, such as asphalt shingles, but with the added benefits that only metal roofing can provide…durability, low maintenance and even energy savings in certain climates.”

For more information on metal roofs, visit the nonprofit Metal Roofing Alliance website at www.MetalRoofing.com

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