Metal Roofs And Winter Maintenance: 5 Simple Tips For The Season

January 12, 2018

A Realistic, Step-by-Step Guide to Online Lead Generation

Get Your [Online] House in Order

Homeowners today do a lot of their research online. What used to be “word of mouth” still is, but without actually talking to people. Now it’s often done through reviews, social media and discussion groups.

That means that when someone is looking for a new roof, they’re going to end up on your website or Facebook page. Make sure both of those show off your company and the great people who work there. Here are some areas to focus on.

Testimonials And Reviews:

Also ask your happy customers to provide reviews on Facebook, Yelp and other review sites. There are tools like which can help automate this process allowing you to stay focused on quality installations.

Before And After Home Photos:

This is often the most sought after content homeowners are looking for. Take the time to get quality shots. You don’t have to spend a lot on a fancy DSLR camera either. Your iPhone or Android can likely take wonderful shots if you take a few minutes to learn to shoot properties the right way. Pro tip: Get a drone!

Request Information Form:

You should have an easy to complete form front and center on your website so that when people are ready, they can request whatever they need. This form should send you and email or send the data to your CRM application (more on this below).

Be Responsive:

When a homeowner is doing research for such a large investment, they’re looking for a company that is responsive. When they reach-out to you, whether it be through email, a phone call, text, a Facebook comment, whatever – respond as quickly as you can. It’s an opportunity to indicate how responsive you’ll be while working on their project.

Email Signup:

The research and sales cycle for a new metal roof is often a long one. People will research this purchase for months before making a decision. When someone arrives at your site, give them an easy way to sign-up for update, discounts, product information, etc. Oftentimes, they’ll happily provide their email allowing you to keep in contact with monthly updates staying in front of them until they’re ready to buy.

Google Analytics:

Get this setup on your website to track a wealth of important website data. With this tool, you’ll learn where visitors are coming from to get to your website, what they searched for to cause your website to show-up and what channels drove the most traffic. This will help you make smart marketing decisions so your can optimize your efforts over time. And it’s free to boot!

Now that you have your website and social media channels up to par, we need some traffic and leads.

The Metal Roofing Alliance, our association of metal roofing manufacturers that work together to promote the use of metal roofing in the residential space, drives almost a million visitors to our website each year. Thousands of those homeowners complete our Find-A-Contractor section of the site to be put in touch with contractors in their area. We provide that information to our member contractors. These qualified homeowner leads are looking for a metal roof and many are ready to work with quality contractors immediately.

Social Media:

While you should post relevant content on your social media channels regularly, you need to back the organic posts up with paid posts as well to ensure you’re reaching the right audience. Channels like Facebook allow you to get very targeted with your ads, focusing on precise geographic areas to homes over a certain value threshold. This ensures you’re only paying to get your message in front of people in the right areas who can afford a premium metal roof.

Google Adwords:

Almost everyone starts researching with Google. You type what you’re looking for into the search bar and boom! You are presented with a selection of relevant options to start clicking on. You need to make sure you’re there, and Google Adwords is just the ticket.

Adwords allows you to bid on a set of keywords so that when someone types in those keywords, if your bid is good, your ad will show-up. The unique and valuable part of this is that you only pay if your ad is actually clicked on. This is called Pay Per Click, or PPC. That means that by being very specific with your ad and your offer, you can keep the people that do click on your ad to a very qualified set of visitors.

There are ton of online courses available including some great tutorials from Google.

That’s a good start for generating qualified homeowner leads online. Following these shouldn’t take too much time away from the other aspects of running your business and should supply a steady stream of leads to position you for growth in 2018.

Extra Credit:

  • Set your website up for retargeting with Google Display Network, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Use a Roofing Visualization Tool to show your prospects what their home could look like with a beautiful new metal roof.
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