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Since our inception in 1998, the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) has shown millions of people how beautiful, durable and economical metal roofing can be. We give homeowners the information they need to choose a new roof for their home and connect them with expert metal roofing professionals.

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If you are thinking about a new roof for your home then we recommend taking the time to learn about the benefits of metal roofing by reading these recommended resources below.

eBook: Residential Metal Roofing Buyer's Guide

The MRA Buyer's Guide will equip you with the details and knowledge you'll need to select a beautiful, quality roof for your home.

eBook: Safe Havens in Turbulent Times

The third edition of the strategic defense guide will help you build and prepare new and existing properties—to withstand nature's fury.

eBook: Sustainable Masterpieces: Metal Roofs

The first edition of Green Builder's guide will help you understand the benefits a metal roof adds to homes in areas of extreme and unpredictable weather.

See the Beauty of Metal Roofing

Residential metal roofing is available in numerous colors, styles, materials and finishes. From the distinctive look of standing seam to the classic appearance of asphalt, tile or cedar.

Featured Articles for Homeowners

Highlighted below are the most popular articles, videos, tips and news about metal roofing exclusively for homeowners. For more on the latest in the metal roofing industry, go to our News page.


Canadian Equestrian Multi-Purpose Barn Project

The owner’s goal was to construct a multi-purpose building that would also serve as a mounting platform for a 28.35 kilowatt PV solar system, which would provide 100% of the electricity needs for the entire equestrian ranch property. Click below to read the full case study from S-5!

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7 Essential Questions to Ask Before Replacing Your Roof

The best method for ensuring peace of mind and long-term satisfaction starts with asking installers the right questions, well in advance of when a replacement project starts.

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Ahead of the Curve: Green Knight® lands Top Honors in MRA Residential Metal Roofing Competition

The award-winning project is comprised of four separate residential buildings—each featuring a unique roof design—totaling 7,500 square feet.

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MRA Launches the 2021 Best Residential Metal Roofing Project Competition

The Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) has kicked off its 2021 Best Residential Metal Roofing Project quarterly competition and this year, the opportunity to enter is open to both the trades and homeowners.


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Comparing Roof Types

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Learn answers to the most frequently asked questions about metal roof selection, installation, maintenance and more.

Comparing Roof Types

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