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Below is a forum for exchanging information concerning residential metal roofing, including general material and metal roofing installation questions. Should you have questions or concerns that deal with specific branded metal roof products please contact the manufacturer directly.


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  • Tom Black

    Tom has been in the metal roofing industry for the past twenty years, serving in product and business development, marketing, as an industry consultant, and in his previous position as Executive Director of the MRA. Tom writes, "I'm not an 'expert' installer -- but I know enough to be dangerous! I've installed small metal roofing projects and organized installation training seminars. And I know when I need more expert help to answer your questions. So when you get an answer from me, you know there's expertise behind it."

  • Todd Miller

    Todd has served as President of Classic Products, Inc., one of the country's leading metal roofing manufacturers, since 1996. Before that, he served for 15 years in various marketing-related roles at the company. Under Todd's leadership, Classic Products has taken an active role in educating homeowners across North America about the many advantages of metal roofing. Todd participates in various metal roofing industry associations, and is a Board Member of the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) and Metal Construction Association (MCA).

  • Dick Bus

    Mr. Bus has over twenty years experience in the metal roofing and siding industry. Dick is President of ATAS International, Inc., a family owned manufacturer of architectural and residential metal roofing and siding. ATAS manufactures profiles in aluminum and steel for the residential and architectural roofing market. Panels are manufactured with high performance coatings. Dick was Chairman of the Residential Roofing Council for the Metal Construction Association (MCA). He Chaired the committee to write the Minimum Performance Guideline for Residential Metal Roofing. He is now the 2nd Vice President of the MCA, which is part of the Board of Directors and he is also, President of the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), a consumer awareness campaign.

  • Ken Buchinger

    Ken Buchinger is Vice President of Corporate Warranties and Certifications for Houston based NCI Building Systems. He has been with the company for 18 years. He is responsible for product testing, improvements, and development. In addition, he is in charge of the company's Erector Certification Program, which trains erectors in the proper installation techniques of the company's metal roofing systems. And, he also is in charge of inspection and review of projects for weathertightness warranties. Ken has written numerous articles for various trade magazines and gives presentations for various organizations. Prior to joining the company in 1988, Ken erected metal buildings, architectural roofing systems and structural steel for 13 years.

  • David Stermer

    David Stermer is the Director of Engineering for Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation based in Louisville, Kentucky. He has been in his current position since 2005. David is responsible for product testing, product approval, product development, documentation and project design. Prior to joining Metal Sales, David worked for a major metal building manufacturer for 15 years in various roles, including Design Engineer and Engineering Manager. David is a Professional Engineer, has a Master of Sciences degree in Structural Engineering and is currently serving on the ASCE 7-16 Wind Load Subcommittee.

  • Eric Novotny

    Eric Novotny has served as the president of Windows on Washington, and award winning remodeler, since 2005. Prior to that, Eric served as an environmental consultant for large land and property development firms. Eric's extensive background in Environmental Engineering and Building Science are the foundation from which he draws to advise home and building owners on intelligent building material selections. Metal roofing is the perfect example of a building material that is both environmentally friendly and more energy efficient than its commonplace equivalents. Eric continues to consult and educate consumers on the benefits of metal roofing and how these systems can be used in both traditional and high efficiency construction while delivering vastly improved aesthetic appeal.

  • Brian Partyka

    Brian is a 20-year veteran of the metal construction industry and has been with Drexel Metals from its early days. Brian is an elected member of the Board of Directors of the Metal Construction Association. He chairs the Statistics Committee, co-chairs the Codes and Standards Committee and sits on multiple task groups. Brian is also a member of the Cool Metal Roof Coalition, sits on the Industry Advisory Board for the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) as well as the CEO Advisory Council for the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce. Brian has published and contributed to numerous technical trade-articles/white papers relating to metal building products, and presents nationally, internationally and regionally about sustainable design and the use of metal to reduce heat gain for industrial, commercial and residential structures. Brian invented the Drexmet® Paint Pen in 2001, an air dry Kynar touch up system, which today is the preferred touch up method of the industry.


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