Metal Roofing Consumer Testimonials

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"I used to do most of my research when I planned to get a metal roof for my home in Michigan. I was impressed! ... The list of contractors I received was more than sufficient. I contacted four contractors from your list, and while I was still in my winter home in Florida, several of them contacted me by phone and e-mail. They are coming one at a time this week, and we will discuss the situation I have.

"It’s not on yet, but my metal roof will make my log cabin a year round livable home, and much more salable when the time comes to sell it."

— David Marshall, Michigan

"I did most of my research on your website. I read all the benefits material and went through the different styles of roofs you have. I also found the contractor I used on your Find A Contractor searcher here in Lake Havasu. ...

"When the salesman came over to sign the contract (second visit) and for me to make my final decision he brought 3 new colors (blue, green and a mission gold). I chose the mission gold tile and it looks wonderful with my champaign stucco walls. The roofing installers were very good, answered my questions, and did a very good job."

— Cammie Page, Arizona

"The MRA website certainly helped a lot in answering my questions. I went through all the information offered on your site to get better informed.

"I now have a metal roof installed. I believe it was a good choice -- I definitely did not want to replace wooden shingles with another set of wooden shingles! My roof did well during last winter's rain and wind-gusts.

"My problems are solved for several decades! Thanks for keeping me informed!"

— Frank Selhurst, Maryland

"We found the MRA website looking for colors that we may be interested in. We have had our roof done and it looks great!!!! Not sure of the dimensions (my hubby knows that stuff) but the total cost was much more reasonable than we expected."

— Darby Leonard, New York

"Thanks for your help. As of today I found someone in Phoenix and he is going to get me a list of people in and around our area to show us what they have, measure our roof and hope to do the work. I have had great response from people far away that are also willing to work with us. Thanks again for everything."

— Mary T, Arizona